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The journey of Sister Helen Anne and Mums' Cottage is a journey of not only tremendous persistence but also and most importantly one of tremendous faith. The concept of Mums’ Cottage evolved over six years ago out of the necessity, to give support to Mum's in an ever-changing society; to hold together the family structure and improve general lifestyle. 

 Motherhood was becoming alarmingly difficult for many Mums, with more demands and expectations being placed on them, their journeys became an uphill battle and a challenge to cope with. 

While examining these issues and endeavouring to address the on-going repercussions of these demands, one aspect became very clear and that was that once a Mother was assisted, companioned and given hope, she gained a sense of purpose which had a positive effect on her children and her self-worth. This positive change streams through all aspects of her life and shows ongoing improvements to the children socially, academically and within the family structure.  

Flowing from this new understanding came the strong drive to provide a special setting where Mothers could come for RESPITE, MENTORING, SELF- ENRICHMENT, COUNSELLING AND ADVOCACY

While these services are areas offered to Mothers already and were designed to support Mothers nurturing their families, we found that there was a stronger need for somewhere for Mothers to go for companionship.

To establish Mums’ Cottage, a venue was needed, one that would be accessible to the local and surrounding communities. This was extremely difficult and demanded great faith and perseverance. After a long search with many ups and downs, the search for Mum’s Cottage ended when we heard of a suitable premise here at the Uniting Church hall – Holmesville. 

After an extremely positive and supportive meeting with the Uniting Church leaders and Sister Lauretta Baker, a Sisters of St. Joseph’s Leader, a contract was signed and work began on renovating the building. 

Having our two Churches working so closely together to attain a common goal for all God’s people has possibly been the most fruitful, life changing aspect of our journey towards today’s wonderful celebration.

Experiencing the numerous benefits of establishing a much needed facility, and being gifted with the support of so many wonderful people, has made all the struggles worthwhile.
The Cottage is now Co-ordinated by Sr Helen -Anne and all other work is completed by a large group of generous Volunteers. We now have a wonderful working relationship with other service providers, NFPs, Neighbourhood centres, several Lawyers, Oz Harvest and TAFE, amonst others .

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